Flow Control Devices

Pressure Control

We offer a wide variety of high performance product lines for pressure control devices that are vital to your pressure control needs.For different requirements, different solutions exist. What you need is a willing staff with expertise and product knowledge, as well as a broad range of product lines, so your particular requirements are appropriately met.
Our product lines range from cost sensitive OEM types to specialized fluid, high temperature, high pressure, extreme low temperature and high precision types.

Pressure Control 1

Relief Valves

Pressure Control 2

Needle Valve

Pressure Control 3

Pressure Regulators,
Back Pressure Requlators, Relay, Stop Valves, Toggle Valves, Cylinders, Pressure Switches,
Ball Valves, Pressure Sensors,
Load Cells

Flow Control

It is important to monitor systems and provide precise feedback. We assemble our products into systems and offer them on an OEM basis. We offer the most needed products using know-how acquired through customer feedback.
We have a broad range of fluid control devices from high performance to OEM types are ready to serve your fluid and pressure control and status monitoring needs.

Flow Control

Mass Flow Controllers, Mass Flow Meters,
Needle Valves,

Shut-off Valves, Fluid Switches,
Ejectors (Injectors), Air Amplifiers

 Pump and Compressor

Metal Bellows' vacuum pumps and compressors use our welded metal bellows technology.
This allows for unique features that are not available with convention vacuum pumps and compressors.

Pump and Compressor 1
Pump and Compressor 2
Pump and Compressor

Metal Bellows Pump and compressors

Pump Compressor Design Data Sheet

 Gas Generator

We will provide the best advice and products that meet your specifications from our extensive experience in contracting maintenance works and manufacturing of gas generation equipment.
Our service includes not only system designs and product selections but also advice in the selection of ancillary facilities that are appropriate for the specific generation capacity and specifications.

Gas Generator

Nitrogen Generator TSH Series Micro-Computer Controlled Nitrogen Gas Generator TNH Series Master controlled Activation System Nitrogen Generator with Touch Panel Controller TZH Series.
Microcomputer Controlled Mini Nitrogen Generator TN Series
Oxygen Gas Generators, Ozone Gas Generators,
Gas Analyzer, Ozone Meters, Gas Mixer, etc....

 Joints, Filters and Piping

Even smallest devices use several types of joints. Although much attention is not usually given to joints, they play critical roles in connecting devices and components. Piping equipment, such as filters and dryers, are critical products for many systems to work properly. We must provide you with the best and quick selection of the piping equipment as part of overall advice to meet your specifications.
Our product lines include all kinds of materials from Teflon�, metal to resin, every type of fittings from screw, one-touch to tube joints and dimensions that comply with all sorts of norms such as NPT, PT, R, G and Unify.

Joints, Filters and Piping

Joints, Dryers, Filters

 Sealing Products

� PTFE Seals and Metal Gasket's

The importance and difficulty of seal selection cannot be overemphasized in design processes.Even with high designed performance, equipment does not function without a good seal.We select best materials are appropriate for particular fluid, temperature, pressure and use, as well as best sizes and fit for fixtures of your required applications.

� Welded Metal Bellows

OTS welded bellows are ideal for moderate pressure and high vacuum applications where immediate availability is critical. Such applications include:
High vacuum seals/ Leak-free motion feedthroughs/ Flexible joints/ Volume compensators, accumulators/ Pressure and temperature actuators

Sealing Products 1

 Sealing Products 2

Sealing Products Sealing Products 3 OTS Bellows

 Perforated Metals, Processed Goods and Teflon�

� Perforated Metals

A wide selection of products is available for a variety of process applications including:
Batch centrifugal screens, Mud filter screens, Backing screens and screens for Sugar Industries.  All perforated screens are designed to ensure optimum performance with short lead time.

� Processed Goods

We provide diverse products to our customers backed up by our extensive experiences and strong trust from our customers who remain very satisfied.

� Teflon�

We have a wide variety of Teflon� products that provide a powerful effect in chemical resistance.

Perforated, Metals, Processed Goods and Teflon

Perforated Metals Resin, Metal, Glass, Teflon Products

 Other Special Products

� Air Conditioning Equipment

�Temperature Control Fan Coil Controller," indispensable to air conditioning facilities in buildings. This is not only for new installations. Are you using conventional 3-step dial type controllers for air conditioning at your hotel or lodging facilities? Here is the perfect solution for you. Unlike conventional systems, no big installation work is involved. Only 5 minutes are needed to complete the upgrade!
This upgrade will reduce your annual utility expenses and augment comfort of your guests.

� Others

Vibration and soundproofing materials that are also gaining attention for the field of home healthcare, as well as devices for improving the interior environment are effective to work with control equipment.

Other Special Products 1

Air Conditioning Equipment

Other Special Products 2


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